Hello, I'm Nelo!

A Software Engineer aims to fulfill the user's needs by means of software applications and provide positive user experiences.

About Me

This is me!

I graduated from Aklan State University, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines, with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Batch 2012.

Best in Software Project Development (Thesis)
Aklan State University Dean's Lister

I started my career with passion and commitment to seek knowledge to improve myself in this profession and offer what I can do. I strongly tackle this line of vocation to prove that I'm worthy and fit to be a software engineer.

I've successfully worked with a team and in self-directed settings with minimal supervision, and I've had experience in agile software development.

I always go with the flow of IT innovations by improving the range of my skill sets so that I can easily adapt to any technology.

On the other hand, watching animé and doing graphic design are my hobbies.